Aquatic Herbicides

Aquatic plants are unique in that plant species respond differently to different formulations. Our team is committed to discovering innovative solutions including: patented new chemistries, combination treatments, application technologies and technical resources on the subject of plant management. The Applied Biochemists® team offers a variety of aquatic herbicides which vary in plant controlled, active ingredient, use sites, formulation, application rate, water use restrictions, dilution requirements, and permit requirements. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

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Harpoon® Aquatic Herbicide Liquid copper Copper sensitive weeds
Harpoon® Granular Aquatic Herbicide Granular copper Copper sensitive weeds
Harvester® Landscape & Aquatic Herbicide Diquat dibromide Broad range aquatic plants large ponds and lakes
Weedtrine® D Aquatic Herbicide Diquat dibromide Broad range aquatic plants in ponds
Pond-Klear® Aquatic Herbicide Flumioxazin Tough to control weeds like duckweed and watermeal
Navitrol® Landscape & Aquatic Herbicide Liquid triclopyr Common invasive and woody aquatic plants
Navigate® A Selective Herbicide Granular 2,4-D Selectively targeting common invasive plants
Shore-Klear® Aquatic Herbicide Glyphosate Shoreline (above water) plants
Shoreklear-Plus® Aquatic Herbicide Glyphosate plus surfactant Shoreline (above water) plants