Aquatic Colorants

Colorants are concentrated dyes that add a rich color to the water to improve the water’s appearance. Applied Biochemists® line of lake and pond colorants come in concentrated liquids or water soluble pouches and provide an aesthetically pleasing look to murky, off-colored water. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

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Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control The EPA registered dye to prevent and control aquatic plants
Aquashadow® Lake and Pond Colorant (water soluble pouch) Toss in the pouch to color 4 acre-ft of water a pleasing aqua blue
Aquashadow® Black Pond Colorant Creates a reflective black tint
Blue Springs® Lake and Pond Colorant Tints water a deep blue
Blue Springs® Plus Lake and Pond Colorant More concentrated blue pond dye