Aquatic Algaecides

Algae are small organisms which spread rapidly through flowing water, wind, or on living organisms, causing cloudy water, a scum on the water surface, and/or thick mats that may be both underwater and floating on the water’s surface.

Applied Biochemists® algaecides vary in type of algae controlled, active ingredient, use sites, formulation, application rate, water use restrictions, dilution requirements, and permit requirements. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

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Cutrine® Plus Algaecide/Herbicide Liquid chelated copper Broad range of algae in lakes and ponds
Cutrine® Plus Granular Algaecide Granular chelated copper Bottom growing algae in lakes and ponds
Cutrine® Ultra Algaecide/Herbicide/Cyanobactericide Liquid chelated copper plus emulsifiers Tough to control algae
Algimycin® PWF Algaecide/Cyanobacteriocide Liquid chelated copper Algae and cyanobacteria in drinking water
Clearigate® Algaecide and Herbicide Liquid chelated copper Tough to kill weeds in irrigation canals
Phycomycin® SCP Algaecide and Oxidizer Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate Cyanobacteria in lakes and drinking water
Stocktrine® II Algaecide Liquid chelated copper Algae in stock tanks and livestock ponds
AB™ Brand Copper Sulfate Crystals  Granular copper sulfate
Broad range of algae in lakes and ponds