Commercial Pools and Spas

As one of the oldest companies involved in pool water treatment, Lonza is one of the industry leaders in developing solutions that help ensure bathers enjoy a clean, sparkling and healthy pool.

By offering a wide range of products from disinfectants and water balancers to pool-surrounding surface cleaners, Lonza helps commercial pool operators/managers control potential microbiology issues.

Through its integrated engineering, Lonza offers automatic systems and control devices to allow a complete water quality monitoring program.

Lonza offers proactive and responsive technical and after-sales service support.

Lonza’s HTH® products are recognized worldwide. They are used in multiple applications, not only for pool water treatment, but also drinking water sanitation.

Lonza’s solutions for this application:

   Function  Chemistry Family   Regulatory 
 Pulsar® Systems  Chlorinate commercial pools and spas larger than 50,000 gallons  calcium hypochlorite   NSF Certified
 CCH® Systems  Chlorinate commercial pools and spas from 500 to 50,000 gallons  calcium hypochlorite   NSF Certified